Wat’s On Glass

I create hand-made fused glass decorations, ornaments, art and functional products at my workshop in Stubbington, Hampshire. Each piece is unique, fired in my kiln for a minimum of 18 hours and I can offer a range of customisation options to existing designs, or I can create a piece from your own ideas.

Workshops are due to resume on June 18th

We will follow current Government guidelines to ensure the safety of our visitors.
Marks will be worn at all times during events and attendees are asked to sign in to our location
All work areas and tools are cleaned and hand gel available

For those looking to get hands on with the process, I offer a workshop where you can try the process for yourself at one of my events, or individual sessions, where I will show you how to create your own item to enjoy at home or gift as a present to your loved ones.

For gift ideas and examples of products, visit my galleries. And if you have your own design idea, I would be happy to quote for any piece through our contact form – upload your design idea or just give me an idea of what you want me to create.

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